Automated Security Management​

Fortifying Systems with Enhanced Risk Management

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Security teams field a variety of requests;

From a suspected phishing email to an employee request to grant access to a database.

Guess what? No more emails.

Automate your Security Team’s Support through a Helpdesk Portal:

  • Easy, searchable access to security knowledge and self-service options
  • As tickets come in, automate smart queues to prioritize and assign them to the right person or team
  • Accelerate the incident responses process
  • Standardized incident response processes to combat risk via quick resolution & streamlined communications
  • Active monitoring of an organization’s overall infrastructure via one interface

Orchestrate Security Workflows with Jira Service Management

In a constantly evolving digital landscape, systems are more vulnerable to cyber security threats now than ever before. This makes addressing the deficiencies in your company’s security management pivotal to ensure you’re well-prepared if there’s a security breach.

However, staying up-to-date with latest security strategies could be both complex and dynamic, making its management cumbersome for existing resources. Jira Service Management helps organizations bridge this gap effectively in a jiffy.

Monitor & Respond to Incidences
with Opsgenie & Jira Service Management Cloud Premium

  • Highly configurable on-call scheduling and notifications logic for incident response teams
  • Bi-directional monitoring integrations to critical hardware and applications
  • Video war room to collaborate, following prepared response plans
  • Single source of truth for post-incident mitigation and change management.