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Managed AWS Cloud for Atlassian

Trundl is an AWS Partner.
Let our AWS certified team be your Infrastructure Management provider.

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As an AWS Partner, Trundl provides the following services for AWS hosted applications:

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24hr Access to Certified AWS Engineers for Support​

We provide enterprise Atlassian support offerings into real world use cases.

Atlassian Community support forums are information-rich, but you have to dedicate time. Why have your team troubleshoot Jira configuration issues or invest bandwidth on finding our what’s possible with the Atlassian ecosystem? Get ANY type of help for your Atlassian products from Trundl.

Atlassian Customer Support offers no hands-on-keyboard support options. Get Jira answers faster with Trundl. We proactively collaborate with your IT leadership and Jira user base.

Monitoring Tool Setup
and Maintenance​

Get reliability, availability, and performance. We provide a monitoring plan, and an analysis of expected load conditions. Trundl deploys CloudWatch, and keeps and analyzes historical data on CPU utilization, disk I/O, and network utilization. 

Incidents: Rapid Recovery & Root Cause Analysis

Follow the 5 pillars of incident management… Preparation, Detection/Alerting, Containment, Remediation, and Analysis. We bring hosting support, processes and tools to ensure incidents are mitigated and learnings are converted into a better managed AWS for Atlassian.

Disaster Recovery & Proactive Maintenance Support

We configure failover protocols, disaster recovery, and provision the environment to automatically scale up when needed. Get an automated and on-demand instance, and database backups.

Management Support

Get help to build out resources, updates & patches, customized incident response requirements, and to manage version control updates. We are all about AWS performance.

Data Security + Data Compliance Support

Optimize your AWS with your security teams to establish compliant controls of content, platform, applications, systems and networks. Learn from use cases requiring adherence to HIPPA, PIPEDA, CCPA, EU GDPR.
Ask us about Healthcare and Fin-tech hosting Jira on AWS.

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Atlassian Support

Give us administration tasks, or let us help you build and mature your Jira-driven collaboration along side your team and leadership.

Atlassian Licenses

It’s a no brainer. Get free training and payment benefits when you buy Atlassian Licenses and Marketplace Addons with Trundl.

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Atlassian Hosting FAQ

Certainly. This arrangement puts all of those worries on to our capable shoulders to your teams can focus on other things. See our Atlassian Support page to better understand the application support model we provide.

We follow the sun, from offices in Nashville, San Jose, and Hyderabad.

We use the tools we promote. Opsgenie is a fantastic tool for monitoring and alerting, so setting up the right tool is paramount. (If your company prefers PagerDuty, we work with that too). Once set, you dictate your SLAs, notification schemes, and documentation, we will adjust and adhere to those requirements as the support kicks off.

Need Hands-On Atlassian Application Support along with your AWS Infrastructure Support?
We do that too. Get Atlassian Support.

We drop Atlassian knowledge

Once a month we send out Atlassian product updates, recent use cases, helpful videos, Atlassian security advisories, and other resources for the Jira-using community.

It’s our way of keeping you a happy Atlassian customer & bringing new ideas to your technology users.