Why Partner with Trundl for Atlassian Support?

Whether it's for 5hrs/month or full time, it makes sense to have an Atlassian Partner on demand

Hands-On Keyboard

  • Workflow / Project Configs
  • User Management / Training
  • Automation Opportunities
  • Administration / Governance

Smart Scaling

  • Data Impact Behaviors
  • Permissions / Privileges
  • Capacity Planning
  • IT Roadmap Strategy

IT Roadmap Help

  • Prepare to Scale
  • Legacy Application EOL
  • Change Management
  • Process Re-Engineering

License Management

  • Instance Monitoring
  • Backups & Restoration
  • Incidence & Bug Fixes
  • License Co-terming

There’s lots of ways to get help & expand Atlassian software with your teams…

Areas Of Interest

Additional Details

Additional Licenses or Add-ons Needed?

Almost done ! Go ahead and submit, and we’ll reach back to schedule a short discovery call. Depending on your use case,we’ll build on your ideas, present a plan, and share costs within a couple days.

Curious about what we cover? Just about everything Atlassian.

Jira Software
Jira Service Desk
Jira Align
Jira Core
+4000 Addons
Atlassian Access

Already invested in Atlassian Premier Support or a Technical Account Manager? Hands-on-keyboard support & experience is still invaluable. Try us out.

Atlassian Evaluation & Health-check

Don’t know what you don’t know? That’s OK. Having soak-time with people who have done it before is more than therapeutic. We’ll intake your use case (people + process + tools), and report out suggestions, effort estimates, opportunities and pitfalls so you can make the right decisions going forward

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