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Jira reporting capabilities

Jira Reporting Capabilities

Jira reports are both insightful and easy to understand. Here’s how they help teams. A good ITSM tool should empower teams with real-time insights to help them deliver faster, better value to their  customers. In this blog, you will get

ITSM ticketing tools

What are ITSM ticketing tools?

The IT ticketing system acts as a single point of contact between the solution seeker and the problem solver. Here’s how it works

Must-have features for your ITSM solution

Must-have features for your ITSM solution

The ITSM tool you zero down upon should be backed by strategic evaluation of the current state of ITSM and upcoming aspirations. How to ensure your chosen ITSM tool address your business needs?

What is service request management in ITSM

What is service request management in ITSM?

IT teams receiving a wide variety of customer requests every day, and these are classified as service requests by the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

Mindfulness meets Agile

What happens when Psychology meets Project Management? Natural conflict, you might think. This simplified introduction to the basic concepts of ‘Mindful Agile’ is here to change that. One is about ‘keeping calm’, while the other is about ‘speeding up’. One is a

What is Kanban

What is Kanban? [Guide] | Trundl

In what is Kanban?-A beginner’s guide, we explore how teams benefit from this visual workflow management method to implement Agile & DevOps software development… Read more

What is Agile [Guide] | Trundl

What is Agile? Discover why this methodology is being considered as the password for modern organizations to survive in today’s volatile, rapidly evolving, customer-driven markets.

AppLoud Free feedback sharing app to appreciate your coworkers in Atlassian Marketplace

AppLoud: Smart Feedback for Smart Teams

AppLoud- a collaborative tool for sharing, receiving and profiling smart and concise feedback- helps you delight your coworkers by enabling teams to share meaningful feedback in an effective manner.


ITSM [Guide] | Trundl

ITSM (IT Service Management) is how IT teams manage such end-to-end delivery of IT services to customers, including an all-encompassing approach to design, create, deliver, and support IT services.