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Why is ESM important?

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One company, one mode of communication. Here’s how Enterprise Service Management unifies org-wide best practices into a common framework Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is an extension of IT Service Management (ITSM) tools, processes and/or best practices to non-IT departments, such as HR or facilities and other functional areas of the enterprise to better serve the needs…

What Are ESM Tools?

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ESM tools have got the attention of many modern businesses, and the demand is soaring. Find out why? Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is integral to the centralized and efficient management of an entire organization today. Think of Enterprise Service Management tools or ESM tools as a single pane of glass, expanding the opportunity for businesses…

Jira Reporting Capabilities

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Jira reports are both insightful and easy to understand. Here’s how they help teams. A good ITSM tool should empower teams with real-time insights to help them deliver faster, better value to their  customers. In this blog, you will get a basic introduction to a plethora of agile reports, dashboards, etc are available in Jira…