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Technical Project Manager (India)

As a Technical Project Manager you will have opportunity to develop and implement business processes to maximize efficiency and cross-team collaboration.

Reporting and dashboards in Jira

In this episode of #TrundlTalks, Patrick Howell, Co-CEO, Trundl and Morgan Folsom, Product Manager, Old Street Solutions, delve deeper into the topic with their views and first-hand experiences on impact, techniques and challenges of reporting, evolution of Custom Charts for Jira and lots more.

Why is ESM important?

One company, one mode of communication. Here’s how Enterprise Service Management unifies org-wide best practices into a common framework Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is an extension of IT Service Management (ITSM) tools, processes and/or best practices to non-IT departments, such as

What Are ESM Tools?

ESM tools have got the attention of many modern businesses, and the demand is soaring. Find out why? Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is integral to the centralized and efficient management of an entire organization today. Think of Enterprise Service Management

Jira reporting capabilities

Jira Reporting Capabilities

Jira reports are both insightful and easy to understand. Here’s how they help teams. A good ITSM tool should empower teams with real-time insights to help them deliver faster, better value to their  customers. In this blog, you will get