AppLoud: Smart Feedback for Smart Teams

Actionable feedback is king. Address concerns and celebrate wins.

As Management expert Ken Blanchard once famously remarked, “Feedback is the breakfast of champions”. This seems more relevant than ever before, as one of the core themes that define the era of digital transformation is: every strong organization needs a vibrant feedback culture to excel.

Introducing AppLoud: A Free Feedback App for Jira Issues

Meaningful feedback is recognized as a key differentiator between mediocrity and excellence, as it is only by virtue of appreciation or constructive criticism that things improve. But, how does one accomplish that?

Trundl is proud to announce the launch of AppLoud… its first product in the Atlassian Marketplace. The add-on was conceived to help Jira users easily exchange feedback, learning tips, or ideas that come up while working on an issue or a larger group of issues, such as a Sprint.

Why Wait For Year-End Appraisals? Regularize Feedback Exchange On AppLoud

In a constantly evolving and fast-paced work environment, every employee is expected to continue being a better version of themselves. With a view to foster an organizational culture defined by leadership values, sharing concerns and appreciating coworkers’ achievements, AppLoud ‘normalizes’ giving and receiving regular feedback. Mentoring should not be relegated to that one ‘performance appraisal day’ alone, but integrated seamlessly into the fabric of professional life through regular, systematic exchange of feedback.

Make a Coworker’s Day

Whether it’s an idea to improve a process or something as simple as giving a shoutout to a teammate for a specific contribution on a specific task: AppLoud gives your teams the option to provide it easily, in-line with any Jira issue.

Contextualize and Categorize Feedbacks Shared/Received

With AppLoud, never miss an appreciation or advice in a flurry of email threads, as you can capture and prioritize feature requests from right within your application. Maybe you want to know who the ‘Sprint Rockstars’ are, or perhaps you let your team tag ‘Continuous Improvement’ to a certain feedback- what results is an easy, simple compilation of the feedback report that any leader can see and filter for what they want to know.

Tech Trivia

  • Statista research reveals that as of 2019, organizations in the Netherlands appeared to be motivated to use online feedback tools by a desire to increase the sense of involvement and engagement of employees, and a wish to encourage requesting and giving feedback within the workplace.

  • In the study ‘New Data Reveals Why Employees And Managers Dislike Performance Appraisals’ , only 13% of employees and managers thought their organization’s performance appraisal system is useful.

Impact Made, Effortlessly – No more Email Threads, Spreadsheets or Calls

Maintaining aggregate feedback in a spreadsheet isn’t enough, as is going back to basics and reflecting on the purpose of feedback received verbally. AppLoud solves both problems by turning the daunting task of review/feedback/appreciation writing into a manageable process which can serve as a frame of reference for improvement of future performance.

Effective Feedback, No Egos Hurt

Not everyone possesses the interpersonal skills essential to share effective feedback without getting personal or hurting ego. So if you’re not a people-person -and yet want to express what you think about your team-mate’s performance on a specific task, AppLoud could be your best friend.

Create a Sense of Agency Amongst Your Team Members

Flaunt the praises received for a job well done, or simply keep it to yourself-you decide how you set up your AppLoud profile and what others get to see in it. By delivering constructive criticism in a transparent and helpful way, one can not only help improve their colleagues’ performance, but also establish oneself as a better colleague and leader within the organization.

Retaining Top Talent

AppLoud provides a space for managers to allocate time, interest and involvement in their employees’ success and to promote progress.

Save Time & Collaborate Remotely

Remote working is here to stay, and the sense of connection might wither when people don’t see each other on a regular basis. However, it is not impossible to create an unwavering sense of belonging by nurturing a strong work culture. AppLoud not only saves time for every team member-irrespective of where they’re based- but also ensures  nobody misses out on anything by staying connected seamlessly on a single platform.

The Feedback Tracker

Think of a wearable fitness tracker that helps you determine if you’ve nailed your exercise goal, or missed the mark. Now think of AppLoud as a tool which accomplishes the same in the feedback front. More the clarity on performance, higher the chances of employees responding to work challenges,  and the more inspired they are.



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