JiraCon ’21 August Update

Only 42 days out from JiraCon ’21! The past 8 weeks have been illuminating and rewarding.  An event is like a product… it has a lifecycle. An important part of that lifecycle is to embrace early adopters. Early adopters provide important feedback, they make you aware of gaps you didn’t know existed and allow you to reciprocate their trust and energy with better performance.

Here’s a shout-out to JiraCon’s Early Adopters!

  • Jexo & Biro Florin – If you don’t know Biro’s Monday Coffee podcast, subscribe to it. Jexo is a Presenting Sponsor of JiraCon’21. Biro started Jexo in 2018 and has since grown the company (with a successful partnership with Platinum Vendor Resolution) in 2020. If you want to see and know an up-and-coming Marketplace Vendor, Jexo and their project management apps Swanly, Octo, and Foxly are worth checking out.
  • JXL by Fine Software Hannes Obweger reached out to me almost 2 months ago, with a keen interest to be a part of JiraCon ‘21. On our initial call, he introduced me to JXL. Any Solution Partner or Atlassian advocate knows that there are natural barriers to adoption and change. This is particularly so when you’re trying to supplant a legacy tool that’s not scalable (or purpose-built) for project management. We come across project teams using ‘Excel’ more often than you’d like to know. JXL takes the familiarity of spreadsheets and allows you to manage issues in a familiar manner. I’m excited to see the reactions to this app.
  • Old Street Solutions – Trundl is partnered with these guys, and we had a very successful webinar called “Run & Report with Essential SAFe®” in which our unique configuration for a converged team + program level view for Jira (out of the box), augmented by Custom Charts for Jira. We recommended Custom Charts because it really enhances not only reporting capabilities but gives that power (along with ease-of-use) to users. Jamale Harris will also be speaking on External Share for Confluence.

Interest has avalanched ever since.

We have ~70 speaking sessions planned over Oct 5th and Oct 6th, not including topic-specific Discussion Rooms and Q&As to address. Sponsors like Appfire, EasyBI, ALM Works, Xray, and more have joined.

Anyone who’s spent time troubleshooting a problem has come across the name Nic Brough. Nic has answered over 10,000 questions in the Atlassian Community forum. He and Phill Fox from Adaptavist will be joining us, and will speak.

Who doesn’t know Rachel Wright? Yep… she’ll be there.

We have over 60 speaking sessions, but here are some exciting ones:

Part of the promise of this event is to provide opportunities to actively connect with people who can help solve problems. We are hosting JiraCon ’21 in Cvent, which gives people many ways to navigate to resources we are bringing to Day 1 and Day 2. Not only is the Trundl engineering team going to be hosting discussion rooms and fielding technical questions, but our sponsors will also have open doors to talk about use cases. You will be able to…

  1. Participate in Q&As at the back end of speaking sessions
  2. Join Sponsor and Trundl led Break Out Sessions based on topics
  3. Join Discussion Rooms that the attendee community wants to start, ad hoc
  4. Chat or schedule time with Sponsor engineers and leaders

Register for JiraCon ’21 and we’ll catch you in October!

Patrick Howell

Patrick Howell

Co-CEO, Trundl

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