Introducing JiraCon ’21

Sajit Nair, our venerable Program Manager and Agile Consultant, posited the question to me back in December… “Why don’t we run a virtual conference? A solid 5 seconds of dead silence and awkwardness later, I said… “Sure, why not us?”

In relative terms, Trundl is one of the younger Atlassian Platinum Partners. We’ve been around foundationally since 2014, but as an official Atlassian Partner… January 2016 was our start. In that time, three things have been made clear…

  1. Atlassian customers are numerous and everywhere.
  2. The addressable market for the Atlassian platform is immense. Jira (however it may be configured) is more and more the choice tool for Product/Program Management, DevOps, ITSM/ESM, and everything in between.
  3. Every Atlassian customer has room to improve, because:
    • They aren’t taking advantage of everything the platform is capable of, and
    • Atlassian’s tools better year on year.

Looking at the landscape of Atlassian-focused events, there is (of course) Atlassian’s Team ‘21 Digital Experience. ~40,000+ attendees just saw this… enjoying great source-authoritative content. Much of Team 21 focused on the strategic value of acquisitions, the investments realized in Cloud, and the expansion of collaborative footprints and addressable markets (Jira Work Management). It was a great event, and the recordings are available till October.

At the end of this month (May 25-27), there’s Jira Day 2021 by Deviniti. It’s a great, well-established 3-day global event. Check it out!

Following that (and, what we hope is a safe and enjoyable Summer for everyone) what is there for Atlassian customers? What platform is there for applied learning on the newest products and programs (ie. Jira Work Management, Team Central, Compass and more)? What is the go-to event for meeting, networking and hiring?

The Mission Statement
To bring together the Atlassian User Community, the Atlassian Marketplace Community, and worldwide Atlassian Leaders to share what’s new, use case stories, solutions, and tips & tricks to advance the use of Jira for any team.
The Experience & What you Get
  • This is event is all about proactive, live engagement. It’s an event you can go to learn ground-level skills, to learn (and speak with) “real” people, and to see how Atlassian is being deployed with various teams/companies.
  • This year’s content tracks are based on tools (Jira Software, and Jira Service Management), agile methodologies / culture. Separately, there will be Workshops for closer, skill-focused experiences. And lastly, Discussion Rooms and 1×1 Appointments that both Attendees and Sponsors can spring up at any time.
  • What will you get here that no one is offering? 45+ recordings of Speaking Sessions and Workshops. If you register, you get it.
One thing we really want for this event is to learn about use case stories or configuration skills that the Atlassian Community is willing to share. The content of the event is very participant-led… At Trundl, we expect to drive 15%-20% of the content and workshops ourselves, but we’re excited to open up most of the slots to ACE Leaders, Marketplace App Developers, Atlassian Leaders, Enterprise Tool Leaders, Agile/SAFe Leaders, Product Leaders and more.

JiraCon ’21 will be covered over 2 Days. Oct 5th will be run for the Americas, Oct 6th will be for India/APAC.

Some have asked me, “Are these two separate events? I can’t attend both!”… Understood… don’t fret! There will be a ~50% overlap of content in terms of Speaking Sessions, but since there will also be Workshops and Discussion Rooms… they will be quite different at the margin. No one is expected to attend both days, but remember… you’ll have many recordings to review at your leisure afterward!

More details coming! In the meantime….

Check out JiraCon ’21



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