Automation in Jira Makes Customer Ticket Resolution Time 83% Faster for a Healthcare Finance Company

The Challenge

The organization was using a cumbersome and complex combination of emails, multiple tools, and manual intervention in its operations for providing root cause analysis (RCA) / root cause investigation (RCI) to customers. Working manually meant more errors and less time left for strengthening core business practices. Alternating between multiple tools to fetch data created a chaotic work experience. Turn-around times took longer than expected, and work requests were often missed by technicians constantly struggling with an overwhelming workload.

Approach to Change

Trundl participated in weekly stand-up meetings and evaluated the progress iteratively, together with the customer. Smoke tests were conducted before proceeding with different stages of the project, and gaps between requirements and outcomes were bridged with necessary modifications. Improvements were made to the system during the project as needed. As the company was new to Jira, Trundl’s technical team walked them through everything and even helped them from time to time with administrative tasks.


Healthcare Finance


Detroit, Michigan

Atlassian User Base


Atlassian Products (Cloud)

Jira Software, Jira Service Management, Confluence, Statuspage, Access

Atlassian Marketplace Addons

Timesheet Reports & Gadgets, Jira Misc Workflow Extensions, Zephyr Squad Test Management, External Data for Jira Fields

Post Implementation Outcomes

Maximizing automations between Jira and Salesforce dramatically improved velocity. Prior to the enhancements, the company’s customer support team had to pause and check details in Salesforce every time they received a support ticket. The average ticket took 4 hours for resolution. Post enhancements, that was reduced to 40 minutes on average (83% less).

Other Communicated Benefits

Higher employee satisfaction and productivity by eliminating repetitive tasks

More time to focus on strategic initiatives and innovation

Reliable and consistent work with fewer errors

Significant potential cost savings across impacted processes

Enhanced visibility, transparency and accountability