Kanban done right with Jira Software [Guide] | Trundl

Kanban done right with Jira Software

Looking for a step-by-step demo on getting Kanban right in Jira software? This expert guide explains how to get the most out of your Kanban board with key metrics, out-of-box reporting and Custom Charts for Jira.

What is Kanban? [Guide] | Trundl

What is Kanban

In what is Kanban?-A beginner’s guide, we explore how teams benefit from this visual workflow management method to implement Agile & DevOps software development… Read more

What is Agile [Guide] | Trundl

What is Agile? Discover why this methodology is being considered as the password for modern organizations to survive in today’s volatile, rapidly evolving, customer-driven markets.

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) – Overview [Guide] | Trundl

Enterprise Service Management Leveraging ITSM beyond IT teams | Trundl

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is the practice of applying IT Service Management to other areas of an enterprise or organization with a view to improve efficiency, overall performance and service delivery in the way an organization functions internally.