Jira Admins Unite

From key add-on info to configuration advice-if you are a Jira admin, watching this video should top your to-do list.

Talking Cloud Migrations

Talking Cloud Migration

Trundl’s Cloud Migration experts guide you on how to choose and build a strong Cloud Migration strategy. From essentials for a successful migration to the advantages of using different Atlassian’s Cloud Migration Assistant tools- this session is all about making your move to Atlassian Cloud smoother.

Run & Report with Essential SAFe® in Jira Software

Run & Report with Essential SAFe® in Jira Software | Trundl

A stepwise demo on creating a complete Essential SAFe® solution with Jira Software (and built-in Advanced Roadmaps) to help organize teams & the Agile Release Train, manage PI Planning, and monitor overall status. Join certified Agile expert Evan Golden from Trundl and Tom Harris from Old Street Solutions (Custom Charts for Jira) for a proven framework and tips on a Program dashboard that reports on required KPIs.

Kanban done right with Jira Software

Kanban with Jira Software | Trundl

In this webinar, Kanban wizard–Evan Golden–a certified expert in #Agile methodologies and all-around #Atlassian advocate teaches you how to nail Kanban with Jira software. He also puts up a Demo on out-of-box reporting- including control, cumulative flow, average age, created vs resolved.