In late 2015, DNFCS shifted its focus to provide solutions around Atlassian Products, and in February 2016, DNFCS officially became an Atlassian Solution Partner. In November 2016, Hornbill incorporated its wholly-owned subsidiary Hornbill Worldwide Inc, with additional investments and partners to its management team.

In March 2019, Hornbill rebranded to Trundl Inc, and Trundl Labs Private Limited (India) respectively. Two months later, it acquired DNFCS Inc. The unified brand of Trundl operates now out of Hyderabad, San Jose, and Nashville with plans to expand to Vancouver, CA and Atlanta in early 2020.

Trundl has been a Platinum Atlassian Solution Partner since early 2019 and brings to bear extensive use case expertise on the broad capabilities of the Atlassian platform. Working with us not only means best practice tool configurations and support services, but also ever-growing expertise in DevOps, ITSM, and Agile enablement. Trundl is expanding into Infrastructure management for Atlassian customers as well.

Our culture has not changed since 2014, and we are proud that it differentiates us in the Atlassian Partner community. Reach us at

Meet The Team

Why Atlassian?

Atlassian is the collaboration suite giving teams the ability to:

  • Work the way they like to work (highly configurable)
  • Integrate Work Progress / Data into larger initiatives
  • Reduce Churn (Autonomy to work + providing Visibility to stakeholders
  • Increase access to Knowledge critical for work
  • Integrate boundary apps (4000+ add-ons)
  • Eliminate redundant/costly legacy apps
  • Drive work traceability/history
  • Foster a culture of work measurement & improvement

If these things aren’t valuable, you don’t need Atlassian!

Why Use An Atlassian Partner?

The great thing about Atlassian is that it’s highly configurable. The bad thing about Atlassian is that it’s… highly configurable. You can embrace a DIY spirit, but knowing that Atlassian customers have an extremely high retention rate, the scope you’re looking at today is likely going to change. Atlassian doesn’t have to have a lock-in strategy, because teams by default want to adopt it the more they use it.

We know how to distill your goals down to an Atlassian Solution that fits your IT roadmap. We know best-practice configurations, where the ‘alligator pits’ are, and how to drive adoption/buy-in. Thinking of upgrading your Server instance? You’d want to talk to us, even if you wanted to do it yourself. We love this technology, and adding our voice into your overall plan can save you money and drive productive collaboration beyond expectations.

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  • USA: +1-510-201-9809
  • INDIA: 040 - 48536830

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