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When you are responsible for the transactions of millions of songs, played a billion times per day… you better have your Sh!t together, especially with handling data services. When you get new artists on board, they expect the infrastructure (copyright registration, deal parameters, and more) to be in place ASAP. Trundl is using the Atlassian stack to revolutionize the way music publishers handle these operations.


How Sony/ATV is Changing
Music Publishing using Atlassian

Sony/ATV, one of the world’s largest music publishers, is responsible for handling over 3 million song data. They use Jira Service Management to drive, automate, and improve services critical to managing songs and paying creators for music we all enjoy on streaming services, movies, on live stages, and other media.


Take Global Copyright Administration, for example. Sony/ATV’s global a­ffiliate offices sign local song creators, and acquiring the songs kick off a bevy of tasks around data, such as the  deal accounting, metadata, and more. 


One of the most crucial components is GCA (Global Copyright Administration). Without GCA, there is no legal authentication for a music publisher to receive payments from radio stations and other performance mediums, allowing the artist to be paid. Needless to state, driving automation, strong processes, and breaking knowledge silos in registration differentiates you as a publisher.

Your journey to using Jira Service Management begins with…

Documentation Done Right

Sessions with key stakeholders to produce a left-to-right requirements document and a visual representation of the GCA process.

Determining Workflows

A regular cadence for engagement on the project and predictability on committing time.

Balancing Act

Giving balance between “day-jobs” and incrementally building, testing, and deploying Jira Service Management projects.

Action Mode On

Setting time for live demos to codify feedback seen on email. Also, to further understand customer experience opportunities, and to let stakeholders compartmentalize the new features coming ahead.

Automation Edge

Establish a sprint backlog of feedback tasks to improve the Atlassian solution, layering in automation, complexity or enforcements as they scaled.

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