Jira Training...
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Whether you’re new to Jira/Atlassian, onboarding new people, need to train super-users, admins or executives.., we’re ready and able to help.

Jira Fundamentals

  • Course Goal: Provide hands-on experience and understanding of being a proficient user of Jira Core and Jira Software. Best for New Jira Users and Experienced Jira Users needing use case training. It covers…
  • Jira nomenclature
  • Navigation fundamentals
  • Productivity best practices
  • Managing/prioritizing issues and projects
  • Workflow concepts
  • Basic Dashboard Configuration
  • Basic Filters Management
  • Additional topics based on your Use Case / Needs

Confluence Fundamentals

  • Course Goal: Provide hands-on experience and understanding of being a proficient user/navigator of Confluence as a wiki/knowledge base. Best for new Jira/Confluence users, and experienced Confluence users needing use case training. It covers…
  • Implementing a wiki or intranet
  • Knowledge management capabilities / best practices
  • Use case integrations / tricks with Jira
  • Knowledge base structure best practices
  • Managing spaces, pages, documents, news, meeting notes, etc.
  • Using templates & template creation

Jira Service Desk Training

  • Course Goal:  Understand the capabilities of Jira Service Desk. Manage different request types, such as incidents, problems and change requests. Organize powerful SLA queues, promote self-help capabilities, and build an effective customer portal. Best for new Jira Service Desk agents, and experienced Jira Service Desk agents needing use case training
  • Understanding request groups, request types, customer fields, agent fields, workflow narratives, approvals, and automation
  • Jira Service Desk navigation
  • Queue management & filters
  • SLA management
  • Portal setup & customization
  • Setting up IT and business team service

Atlassian Administrator Training

  • Course Goal: To learn deeper skills in tool configuration, user governance, accesses/ permissions, and other capabilities. 1×1 training in context-based deployments and maintenance of Jira/Atlassian instances. Requires Jira Fundamental training completion prior. Best for new Jira/Atlassian administrators, or experienced administrators needing use case training
  • Managing various configurations, and logical separations of projects, roles, groups
  • Managing issue types, workflows, schemes, custom fields
  • Aligning configuration with reporting/measurement goals
  • Managing add-ons, add-on impacts
  • Support resources / licensing
  • Governance best practices

Jira Software Training (Agile Teams)

  • Course Goal: To learn to use Jira Software in an Agile development fashion and to set up the tool frameworks for teams to deliver quality software/ products/projects, continually learning, tracking, and minimizing waste. Best for new Jira users, and experienced Jira users needing use case training
  • Jira Software application structure & nomenclature
  • Agile team processes/workflows
  • Building/tracking dev/project plans
  • Managing boards/sprint cadences
  • Integrations w/ Confluence/Bitbucket to maximize collaboration (incl. other repos)
  • Learn to use Jira Software for non-Agile methodologies
  • Other Use Case learnings / best practices

We drop Atlassian knowledge.

Once a month we send out Atlassian product updates, recent use cases, helpful videos, Atlassian security advisories, and other resources for the Jira-using community.

It’s our way of keeping you a happy Atlassian customer & bringing new ideas to your technology users.