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Atlassian investments in Cloud have been big. Uptime, features, controls on data, add-on compatibility and other wins make the “Jira Server or Jira Cloud” decision much easier. Still, there’s guidance work and peer advice available.

How do you make two Jiras into one Jira? How do you run a Jira export project where data is secure? How much does expert guidance for a Server to Cloud migration cost? How do I compare Atlassian Cloud products? What are the best AWS migration strategies? How do I migrate Cloud back to Server?

Ask Trundl. This is where you get help with anything Atlassian.

Why choose a migration to
Atlassian Cloud

  • Create Jira projects right away with Cloud hosting
  • Always have the latest version of Jira, no upgrades!
  • Remove the cost of server infrastructure from the equation
  • Secure, mobile access
  • Ever increased Cloud security, reliability, privacy and compliance
  • Quick resource responses to demand
  • More Atlassian Cloud-compatible add-ons for Jira, Confluence, and Jira Service Management

Why choose a migration to
Atlassian Cloud Premium​

  • Upgrade to Unlimited storage (previously 250GB)
  • Get Advanced Roadmaps (Portfolio for Jira, to Atlassian vets out there!)
  • Expanded Automation capabilities
  • Usage / Administration Insights
  • More!

Why choose a migration to
Atlassian Data Center

  • Same customization and control capabilities as Server, but highly scalable, secure, and responsive.
  • Atlassian tool set availability is considered mission-critical for 500+ users.
  • Adheres to strict data hosting and localization requirements
  • Infrastructure automation
  • Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Jira Service Management and Crowd

Atlassian Migration Resources

Need help with a migration from another application into the Atlassian suite? We’ll lead a migration such as Asana to Jira, Microsoft TFS to Jira, Sharepoint to Jira, Basecamp to Jira, Github to Bitbucket, Bugzilla to Jira and more. Want expert guidance or help with migrating from a bespoke tool to Atlassian? We can help there too!

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