Security Automation
and DevSecOps

Security testing can’t be an afterthought.
Security cannot be bolted on, it must be built in.

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Trundl’s broad experience with managing CI CD pipelines, with development processes, with automation, and with the best tools for software offers you the path to move security to the left.

The DevSecOps is about test-driven development and merging which were previously separate (and often, competing) teams. It isn’t about a development methodology, or even security configuration, it’s more about code quality and code evaluation having security part of the moments of ideation, creation, testing, and deployment. The right project management and code management tools always help, but it starts with culture. Deeper in the software development lifecycle (continuous integration, security vulnerabilities/incidents) you will need tools and workflows that continue security’s alignment. 

Done correctly, the security that matters (in production) is as much aligned to your security standards as your customer experience standards.

Get a Security perspective on your Atlassian setup

  • Transitioning to DevSecOps
  • Collaboration Tools and Use Cases
  • Reviews of Processes of Security
  • CI/CD Security
  • Code Management Best Practices
  • Test Automation
  • Security Reporting
  • Advice on SAST Security
  • Advice on DAST Security
  • Advice on IAST Security
  • Reviews of Access Controls or other “weakest links”

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