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November 9, 2021 | 11 AM EST

Yassin Ben-Naceur of FlowZess and Nitish Kamal of Trundl are handing the mic over to YOU to ask them any question or solution challenge need answered for a migration to Cloud you’re planning before end of year.

Past Webinars

Jira Admin Unite Webinar


We're guessing A LOT has been asked of Jira / Atlassian Admins recently. Enabling a suddenly 100% workforce isn't easy.


Jira Service Desk vs. ServiceNow

Got questions on which is the best fit for your use case? A future state you're not sure how to scale toward?

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Deploying & Integrating Atlassian

We know managing your company's SSO identities and accesses can have it's challenges with different hosting...


10 PRO TIPS for Migrating from Server to Cloud

More and more Atlassian customers are moving from Server to Atlassian Cloud. Thinking of doing the same? Good!


PROCUREMENT'S GUIDE: Migrating to Atlassian Cloud

More and more Atlassian customers are moving from Server to Atlassian Cloud. Thinking of doing the same?


Handling Legacy Migrations When Moving to Jira Cloud

Dealing with Legacy Migrations during Jira cloud migration could be tricky. Join us in navigating topics such as CSV Import, JSON API & XML methodologies, pitfalls to avoid, and discover diverse possibilities. 


Jira Service Desk Customer Portal: An Expert’s Guide to Theming & Customization

Life isn’t fun without variety and vibrance, so it’s about time you spruce up your Jira service desk customer portal too.


Handling Legacy Migrations to Jira Cloud

Get expert inputs from our webinar to get a clear understanding of how it will change your operations for the better, what to expect and how exactly it works.


Journey to Atlassian Cloud: Hurdle Handling

Going from Jira Server to Jira Cloud? What about merging one Cloud instance with another? Atlassian provides good documentation to help you prepare for and execute a migration.

We drop Atlassian knowledge

Once a month we send out Atlassian product updates, recent use cases, helpful videos, Atlassian security advisories, and other resources for the Jira-using community.

It’s our way of keeping you a happy Atlassian customer & bringing new ideas to your technology users.