Kanban done right with Jira Software

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Anyone can set up a Kanban board. Not everyone does it right. Evan Golden from Trundl will explain what a best practice workflow looks like, maximizing visibility of components like status, class of service, cost of delay, and planned vs. unplanned work. He will also Demo out-of-box reporting, including control, cumulative flow, average age, created vs resolved. As always, you can pick our brains and add to the discussion!


  • High level overview of Kanban
  • Key Components & Critical Metrics
  • Demo
    • Best Practices Workflow
    • Status, Class of Service, Cost of Delay, Planned vs Unplanned work
    • Out of Box Reporting: Control, Cumulative Flow, Average Age, Created vs. Resolved
    • Custom Dashboard: Custom Charts for Jira.


Evan Golden

Evan Golden (SPC5)

Director for Engineering & Principal Agile Transformation Consultant @ Trundl

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