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Case Study – The FAILURES Project

Jira is an issue tracking system. You can easily track issues in a multitude of ways and it will hum along, doing its job.

Why is ESM important?

One company, one mode of communication. Here’s how Enterprise Service Management unifies org-wide best practices

What Are ESM Tools?

ESM tools have got the attention of many modern businesses, and the demand is soaring.

Types of reports in Jira

A quick look at different types of Jira reports and various roles they play

Jira Reporting Capabilities

Jira reports are both insightful and easy to understand. Here’s how they help teams. A

What are ITSM ticketing tools?

The IT ticketing system acts as a single point of contact between the solution seeker and the problem solver. Here’s how it works

Must-have features for your ITSM solution

The ITSM tool you zero down upon should be backed by strategic evaluation of the current state of ITSM and upcoming aspirations. How to ensure your chosen ITSM tool address your business needs?

What is service request management in ITSM?

IT teams receiving a wide variety of customer requests every day, and these are classified as service requests by the Information Technology Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

Trundl & 2021

It might be my age, but every year goes by faster and faster. But, with a little self-reflection (and some sleuthing in Outlook), you always see that everyday work produces some really big things…

JiraCon ’21 August Update

Only 42 days out from JiraCon ’21! The past 8 weeks have been illuminating and rewarding.  An event is like a product… it has a lifecycle. An important part of that lifecycle is to embrace early adopters. Early adopters provide important feedback, they make you aware of gaps you didn’t know existed and allow you to reciprocate their trust and energy with better performance.