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Smart Assignments and Rotations for Jira

Auto Assign Tickets Like a Boss

Built for service and support teams with high volume ticket inflow, SARJ allows your team to configure rules for auto-assigning tickets and issues to your team members based on any and all criteria that works for your team.

Efficient, Fair, Flexible

What is SARJ?

Smart Assignments and Rotations (SARJ) is an Atlassian Marketplace add-on for Jira that allows you to configure rules for auto-assigning tickets and issues for your team members based on criterion such as time zones, team availability, work shifts, functional area, or any other conditional logic. This add-on can be used for Jira Service Management, Jira Software, and Jira Work Management use cases.

Team Efficiency & Workload Support

Workload balancing without constant managerial oversight. You can monitor and tweak as needed for your team.

Customized Flexibility

Work assignment automatically adjusts for paid leave, sick days, schedule shifts, and all custom criteria you set for your teams.

Fairness for Work Assignments

Work is assigned based on multiple logical factors and not by subjective means.

Automating Company Rules & Preferences

Set up automations for your organization’s preferences and assignments to focus on the most important thing, getting work done.

Work Smarter, Not Harder

How Can SARJ Help Your Team Work More Efficiently?

SARJ - Automatically Create Team Schedules
SARJ - Easily Configure Rotation Rules
SARJ - Manage Availability
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Focus on WHat’s Most Important

Why Choose SARJ for Your Company?

SARJ is built for service and support teams that face high volume ticket inflow. Continuous ticket routing and assignments can become a full-time job for an employee. Avoid the hassle with SARJ. Build in automations for your organization’s rules and preferences for assignments so your teams can focus on their work and deliverables.

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