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ITSM / ESM Enablement

The Modern Way to Exchange Work

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) drives visibility and access to services of all kinds. While Information Technology Services Management (ITSM) focuses on core IT services such as incident management requests, asset configuration and management, ESM enables companies to respond better and deliver services under one, unified platform and helps all of your teams scale and deliver.

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Team Visibility & Efficiency

Why Enterprise Service Management?

Your employees are similar to customers when it comes to engaging with technology. They expect instant, efficient access and answers for their day-to-day business operations. Whether they’re requesting a a new laptop or onboarding new employees, ESM makes delivering these services faster and more efficient.


All internal teams will have access to a self-service portal. This includes IT, HR, Finance, Legal, Sales, Marketing, and more.

Work Prioritization

Benefit from smarter queues that ensure the most important work is done before others.


Creation of automation-based ticketing and workflows for all internal teams.

Knowledge Base

All employees will easily be able to access a knowledge base for requesting services.

ESM & ITSM Bring Value to Teamwork

Elevate & Empower Your Teams

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Get in the “Flow” to
Drive Your “Go”

Email is a collaboration killer. Having a shared platform that categorizes and prioritizes requests that run through powerful, automation- ready workflows makes collaboration seamless.

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Knowledge is

Universally-available how-to articles, company policies, product documents, troubleshooting tips and other knowledge base assets give employees agency to work smarter and faster.

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Self-Service = Happy

Self-service lets your team answer their own questions and meet their own needs without waiting on someone else. Work deflection saves customers and agents countless hours.

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