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Myatlassian Blueprint

Your Roadmap to Success with Atlassian

Going big with Atlassian requires strategic decisions based on feedback, ideas, and guidance from leaders and stakeholders alike. With Trundl, we’ll help you answer questions like: what is your vision for the future state of business operations? Is there alignment between stakeholders and leadership on strategic direction and what’s possible? myAtlassian Blueprint helps your team decide how to move forward.

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Strategic, Rapid, and Actionable

Why myAtlassian Blueprint?

myAtlassian Blueprint is discovery-based, strategic, and fast.
What is your vision for the future state of business operations? We will review your current Atlassian environment, find the root issues and recommend solutions with architecture, reporting, and scalability in mind.

Reveal Configuration Gaps

Based on interviews and tool analyses, our Solution Architects provide a current state assessment, covering processes, configuration, tooling, and behaviors.

Guided Analysis & Solutions

The Trundl team will provide informed, strategic suggestions on how you can align your cross-functional teams, licensing requirements, suggested add-ons, and more.

Rapid Results

myAtlassian Blueprint Projects are typically finished within 3-5 weeks. You’ll have a full report in hand that gives you the decision criteria and your proposed action plan.

Receive an Actionable Long-Term Plan

You’ll receive both short and long-term action plans and strategies that are applicable to your unique use-case.

Long-Term Success

Empower Your Teams to Reach New Heights

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Your Vision
Needs a Plan

Where is your technology stack today, and what do you need it to do in the future? Trundl leads discovery and design solutions to get to your desired end state.

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Executive Buy-In
Makes it Real

If decision-makers are not on board with change, change does not happen. myAtlassian Blueprint gives executives knowledge and confidence about new investments in Atlassian software.

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Deployment Options

We hand off our findings and deployment plan in a report, and what you do from there is your choice. Act on the plan yourself, or use Trundl’s professional services. We are here to help.

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Let’s Work Together

Building an Atlassian deployment plan based on multiple stakeholder interests, inputs, and feedback is hard. This service organizes all of it for you, leaving you to focus on your priorities. Just fill out the form below to get started!

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Common myAtlassian Blueprint Questions


  • What does a myAtlassian Blueprint engagement look like?

    Essentially, myAtlassian Blueprint is a series of interviews with leaders and stakeholders, giving us thr company’s vision and key perspectives on the current and future state of collaboration. Our Solution Architect and Sr. Atlassian Engineer will guide these discussions, fill knowledge gaps, and seek clarity on any important questions. This leads to an analysis, resulting n a report handed to you. Trundl uses roughly 40-80hrs of time to complete it.

  • How do I know if myAtlassian Blueprint is right for me?

    It’s the smart choice if you know your teams can work better and more efficiently together, but you don’t know how to realize that vision. It is also the smart choice if you need broader buy-in from both executives and stakeholders alike. It’s a formal, mission-centric form of discovery.

  • What if we don’t end up using all of our hours?

    Use them as you like! If we produce a report and there’s still 10 hours left, use them for a future project, or use them ad-hoc for configuration support.

  • What types of companies use myAtlassian Blueprint from Trundl?

    All sizes, industries, and use cases. Companies apply myAtlassian Blueprint for addressing broad collaborative challenges, but also specifically for ITSM, Agile, DevOps, PPM and other functional use cases.

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