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Waterfall for Jira

No Jira user should miss out on the advantages of the Atlassian platform just because they’re hesitant about Agile. Waterfall for Jira adds a familiar, linear, and structured approach to planning and managing projects.


What is Waterfall for Jira?

Waterfall for Jira is an Atlassian Marketplace add-on that gets more teams using Jira with (way) less learning time. This app unites Agile and traditional project teams on the same platform so they’re free to collaborate without constraints.

Single Source of Truth

One centralized Jira ecosystem for both ‘non-Agile’ and Agile teams to unite and manage all their projects.

Simpler Project Plans

Our Gantt view has project phase on top so you can plan your Waterfall project according to your preferences.

Exactitude in Action

Precisely stay within budget, track progress against tasks, visualize time logs, and filter out required information by reporting on project level fields.

Native App Integration

Seamlessly integrates into your existing Jira workflows and tools without disrupting processes or teams.


Comfortably Unite ‘Non-Agile’ and Agile Teams in Jira to Maximize Productivity

Cost Tracker

What project roles are contributing during the lifecycle of your project? Waterfall for Jira gives you a simple, direct Cost Tracker ready for multiple currencies.

Project View

It’s hard to get core information about projects in Jira. Waterfall for Jira gives everyone visibility into budget, project owners, project sponsors, phases, and much more.

Earned Value Management

Tracking project budget against actual billing and issue completion is critical for your team, as well as your customers. The metrics are fully customizable to fit your needs.

Gantt View

We love Gantts, especially if they’re simple and dynamic. View your projects through phases, as well as create and see dependencies between issues through your timeline.

Don’t go chasing information

Let Waterfall for Jira Keep You on Track

Plan smoother projects, track the details, and unite your teams on Jira to make it the single source of truth for all projects executed, regardless of what methodology they use. 

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