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Want hands-off hosting? Trundl’s got your back. We’ll manage, scale, and monitor your Atlassian application infrastructure on Amazon Web Services (AWS). With our data center hosting, you get the best of both worlds: the scalability and reliability of cloud, paired with the control and customization of server-hosted instances.

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Why Amazon Web Services for Your Atlassian Infrastructure?

Rock-solid and reliable, AWS is the backbone of modern enterprise infrastructure. Its unmatched scalability and flexibility provide the foundation that businesses can trust for their most critical operations. Whether it’s handling massive data loads or ensuring high availability, AWS sets the standard for performance that businesses can rely on every single day. It’s not just about hosting apps; it’s about empowering organizations to innovate, adapt, and thrive in a world that’s always on the move.

Consolidate Tools

Trundl can lead the way in consolidating your tools and services on the AWS platform, reducing complexity and elevating the user experience.

Review Architecture Framework

We’ll evaluate your existing infrastructure, pinpoint areas of improvement and refine them to boost speed, responsiveness, and overall system performance.

Optimize Performance

Analyzing metrics and configurations helps us spot bottlenecks and inefficiencies so we can recommend actionable ways to enhance workflows and processes.

Data Center Hosting

Whether you’re a Jira shop or not, we can transition your business productivity tools along with your data to an AWS infrastructure.

Reimagine. Redefine. Revolutionize.

AWS Consulting Services

Break boundaries and bring fresh ideas to life. AWS provides a secure, scalable platform to help enterprises transform operations and drive meaningful change. Navigate challenges, seize opportunities with confidence, and lead the way in your industry. With AWS by your side, you’re not just adapting—you’re shaping the future.


AWS Well-Architected Framework Review

We can provide a comprehensive assessment of your AWS environment across multiple pillars to ensure alignment with best practices so you can mitigate risks, build trust, and set the foundation for success.

Examining your AWS architecture helps identify structural areas that should be tweaked to maximize efficiency, ease of use, and cost-savings. A streamlined AWS framework ensures you’re well-equipped to meet and exceed your business goals.

Deep Comprehension

Conduct a thorough assessment of your AWS architecture to identify areas to optimize

Synchronized Success

Ensure infrastructure alignment with industry best practices

Stay Secure

Evaluate and recommend security enhancements to comply with any regulations

Uncover Insights and Issues

Analyze performance metrics and configurations for insights into bottlenecks and issues

Strategic Savings

Review your AWS usage and spending to offer guidance on cost savings

Ensure Continuity

Implement recommendations to ensure minimal disruptions to your operations

Unify Understanding

Communicate benefits of recommended changes to stakeholders to gain buy-in

Support to Stay Ahead

Provide ongoing support so you stay updated with AWS innovations


AWS Performance Optimization Review

Elevate your system performance with a focused analysis of your AWS environment and get hands-on support to optimize resource usage.

This review ensures your AWS environment operates at peak efficiency and delivers system performance worthy of your organization. By conducting a detailed analysis of your system, bottlenecks, inefficiencies, and opportunities for improvement can be identified so you can maximize the value of your AWS investment.


Enterprise Tool Consolidation to AWS

Our experts can align your AWS tools with your business goals, helping you quickly respond to market changes, seize new opportunities, and stay competitive.

Enterprise tool consolidation to AWS simplifies operations, enabling companies to operate more efficiently, accelerate product delivery, maintain compliance, foster collaboration and communication, and consistently drive growth and success.


AWS Cost Optimization Review

Let us evaluate your AWS usage to identify overspending or underutilized resources. We’ll ensure you achieve excellent value without sacrificing performance or scalability.

Maximize the value of your cloud investment with an AWS Cost Optimization Review. By right-sizing services and adhering to your budget, we help you control cloud expenses while boosting ROI. Our holistic approach ensures your infrastructure balances performance with cost-effectiveness.


Freedom from complexity, backed by expert support, and without the burden of high costs

Convenience and Simplicity

Leave managing your infrastructure to the experts. Free up your time, resources, and bandwidth so you can prioritize your business and customers. Just hand us the reins.

Cost Savings

Only pay for the resources you use. By outsourcing hosting responsibilities, you can avoid the expense of maintaining and managing your infrastructure while benefiting from flexible pricing structures

Expert Support

Forgo hiring in-house staff to manage your infrastructure by entrusting us with the task. With our extensive support and practical expertise, rest assured that you have access to a stable of seasoned professionals dedicated to maintaining and optimizing your environment


Atlassian Ecosystem Data Center Hosting

Data Center Hosting allows you to customize your environment to meet the needs of your growing enterprise, providing a secure and reliable base for collaboration and productivity.

Bringing your Atlassian applications to AWS through Trundl means access to top-tier infrastructure capabilities, coupled with round-the-clock support and optimization for peak performance.

Unlock Opportunity

Deliver Value, Mitigate Risks,
and Increase Team Engagement

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Cumulative Flow

Agile teams can actively manage the quantity of work in any given state, from arrivals to time in queue, quantity in queue, and work completion.

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Consistent Sprint/
Release Velocity

Trundl will familiarize your teams with using story points, tracking work against estimates, and using real time data for predicting project completion.

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Real-Time Resource

Our goal is to help you achieve effective low-resolution planning months in advance and high-resolution planning ahead of each sprint. Visibility into all resources and team loads leads to success.

High Performance With Compliance Control

Your AWS-Powered Future is Here

Amazon Web Services is the most widely adopted cloud platform. While it provides a highly reliable, scalable, agile, and low-cost infrastructure platform, we’ll ensure that you get the best performance, compliance, and control over all applications.

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Let’s Work Together

We administer and scale Atlassian software with proven best practices, at a pace, cost, and approach that fits the unique needs of your team. Just fill out the form below and let’s get started!


Common Data Center & AWS Questions


  • Can Trundl provide 24/7 support and incident management for my applications?

    Yes. Our AWS engineers can support both the infrastructure and application side with hands-on support. This level support means close alignment with your IT organization, resources, and most importantly, your policies, processes, procedures. We also fully understand the inter-operability of Atlassian application architectures, as an Atlassian Partner.

  • Data security and data compliance is the main reason we are in Data Center. Does Trundl work to ensure our needs are met as part of this service?

    Yes. We assume control of data, data residency, access controls, and other aspects of configuration management are top concerns of our customers. Share your requirements, share your concerns. We will tell you what’s possible and design our support around it.

  • Does Trundl help with monitoring tool setup?

    Yes. Share your current toolset, SLAs, and processes. We may suggest changes to meet best practices, but we are flexible.

  • Does Trundl provide no-downtime upgrades of my AWS environment?


  • Uptime is a big concern for me. What is Trundl’s track record?

    Trundl ensures uptime of (99.9%) & peak load performance. We are always looking to move the needle up, so that’s an initial baseline for any given IaaS customer case.

  • I have concerns about disaster recovery, can you explain it in more detail?

    We bring resiliency and durability in our Atlassian Data Center deployments. We have designed architectures that brought disaster recovery RPO to 0 (zero) and RTO to under 1 minute.

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