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Secure Forms

Speed Up Collaboration While Keeping Your Data Safe and Secure

Secure Forms for Jira gives you the power to set field and attachment level visibility at the team or individual level. This lets a larger variety of collaborators work together on an issue, even if it contains sensitive data.

Secure Access Controls

What is Secure Forms?

Trundl’s dedicated product team knows that Jira, natively, has limitations on controlling user-level visibility of fields and attachments. In Jira, if you are a collaborator on an issue/ticket, you can see all fields and attachments. However, if you are working with sensitive or privileged information, like many companies are, it limits the number of collaborators to only those who are allowed to view or access it. Many teams find that collaborators are excluded even though they’re equally important in the workflow. Secure Forms solves that problem.

Set Field & Attachment Levels

Customize field and attachment level visibility at the team or individual level.

Enhanced Team Collaboration

Better collaboration on solving issues that they previously had limited access to.

Security Balanced with Functionality

While other marketplace apps offer field level categorization, there isn’t emphasis on security. Secure Forms is the solution.

Full Visibility & Access Controls

Gain full visibility and access controls when it comes to specific data within an issue/ticket.

External Storage Options

Set external storage for sensitive information with custom security parameters.

Smoother Processing With Data Categorization

Create categories and validate attachments with ease.

Full Visibility & Access Controls

How Can Secure Forms Help Your Team?

SF - Customize and Configure
SF - Easily Control Access
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Security, Visibility, Custom Parameters

Why Choose Secure Forms for Your Team?

Secure forms helps a variety of teams, from HR, Legal, Finance, and more, you can extend your work to more collaborators without exposing sensitive, protected, or privileged information.

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