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DevOps Enablement

Accelerate Deployment & Improve Infrastructure

How fast can your Development and IT teams respond to customer needs or market conditions? What is your test-to-production speed? DevOps Enablement is all about working efficiently and continually improving across your entire infrastructure. Our DevOps Enablement services will help you automate and integrate work streams between software solutions so you can get results faster.

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Speed & Quality

Why DevOps Enablement?

Imagine a world where your development and operations teams were aligned and delivering solutions to prevent the everyday problems. With Trundl, it’s all possible. We’ll help your team deliver at an accelerated pace while still maintaining quality. We utilize multiple technologies to create a continuous delivery system. This helps your team deliver at an accelerated pace while maintaining quality.

Work Across Multiple Platforms

Allow your teams to work across both Atlassian and third-party tools so they’re linked to Jira issues, ideas, commits, branches, bug fixes, and more.

Jira to Git Made Easy

Code and deploy in Jira, with clear visibility of what’s shipped to customers as well as full visiblity of your Git repository.

Quick Access & Response Times

Your teams will have quick access to knowledge, pages, and runbooks while having on-call schedules and pages that drive response times.

Time Saving Insights & Workflows

Automation rules will allow your team to create workflows that save time for everyone while gaining insight and visibility on cycle time and bottlenecks.

Discover New Solutions & Collaborate Continually

Deliver Value to Customers & Teams

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Continuous Integration

No more conflicting branches on a shared codebase. New code changes on a project are regularly built, tested, and merged into a shared repository.

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Accelerated Delivery

Automated releases = shorter software cycles. Changes are automatically bug tested and uploaded to a repository, allowing for operations to deploy to production.

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Collaborative Changes

Everyone—be it developer, operations engineer, or product manager—shares a common vision, working unfettered and with full visibility.

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Let’s Work Together

Trund’s DevOps Enablement team is here to support your organization through the development and operations lifecyle — saving you time while developing a system that works and accelerates delivery. Just fill out the form to get started!

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Common DevOps Enablement Questions


  • Does Trundl have experience with a broad set of popular development, monitoring, and communication tools?

    Yes. Apart from being an Atlassian Partner (experts with Jira, Confleunce, Jira Service Management, Bitbucket, Bamboo, Opsgenie, Statuspage, +), we have experience with tools such as Git, GitHub, Jenkins, Selenium, Docker, Kubernetes, Puppet, Boss, Ansible, Nagios, and a long list of other CI/CD tools.

  • What does a DevOps engagement with Trundl look like?

    This is a transformation project with both technical and cultural components. Bringing the business closer to development requires an effective DevOps team structure. The platform/toolset will have its own levels of analysis and planning. Engagements with Trundl will mean a dedicated DevOps Consultant/Coach, Project Manager, Solution Architect, and Atlassian Engineers. Set up time with us to see what your engagement would look like.

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