Atlassian Deployments and Cleanups

Jira Built to Scale, Not Fail

Feeling like Jira can do a lot, but your team isn’t? You’re not alone. We believe in building and deploying Atlassian instances the right way for each team. Make it easier to manage. Make it automated. Make it smart. Let’s work together to ensure your Atlassian tool deployments and cleanup projects work for you.

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Atlassian Deployments & Clean-Ups

What Does This Look Like for Your Team?

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One Solution

Jira is built for all teams. We build and deploy it specifically for your team. Trundl brings your vision and critical requirements into a practical project.

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Administrative controls, shared workflows, change controls, and templates ensure that your team is making the best choices so that you’re ready for the future.

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Functional Reporting
& Dashboards

You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Trundl ensures that your project leaders and your executives have visibility into KPIs and custom dashboards to fit their needs.

Working With a Solution Partner

Why Use a Solution Partner for Your Deployments & Cleanups?

Trundl solves many of the common challeges involved with deploying Atlassian or cleaning up your specific instance. We’ll assign a dedicated Solution Architect, Project Manager, and a team of engineers who will be with you and your team from your initial discovery call to project completion. At kick-off, we’ll establish key points of contacts, accesses, communication models, meeting cadences, change management, and documentation. From there, it’s your team and ours getting $#!t done!

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Your Custom Roadmap to Optimization

Optimize Your Atlassian Environment

Because Atlassian and Jira can do so much, it can often feel overwhelming. Let us help you build your roadmap to success with Atlassian. With a comprehensive assessment, we’ll create a tailored experience that addresses your challenges and provides you with the tools your team needs to overcome obstacles.

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Let’s Work Together

We’re always helping teams realize their potential and improve their collaboration. Ready to collaborate and work better? Fill out the form below to get started!


Common Atlassian Deployment or Cleanup Questions


  • My company has had Jira for many years and we do not have a clear picture of what’s in there and how we are using (or not using it). Can Trundl help us?

    Absolutely! Jira configurations can get very complicated, especially if the administration is decentralized. We have seen this many times before, and whether we end up fixing your current instance or we mutually decide to start fresh with a new one (built right), we can help.

  • My team is new to Jira and we are starting from scratch. What should I know before I begin this journey?

    Jira is a light-weight application. You can be “up and running” within days, and Atlassian provides documentation to make that possible without outside help. However, you can only start once, and Jira presents a lot of configuration opportunities. Best practices drive long-term success. You will not know how to navigate all of those choices at this critical time. That’s why we recommend working with us!

  • Will Trundl help me with all Atlassian software and Marketplace add-ons?

    Yes. We are a Platinum Enterprise Atlassian Solution Partner. We have seen hundreds of use cases and built hundreds of Atlassian-based solutions.

  • How long do Jira deployment projects take?

    Typically, they are 4-10 weeks from start to finish. They vary a lot by use case, so let’s get on a free discovery call to establish what this looks like for your team.

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