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Agile Transformation

Scale Your Enterprise with Agile Consulting

The Agile methodology was created for software development, but has since influenced all types of teams across the enterprise. While Agile transformations are not easy, Trundl brings a pragmatic, sustained approach to Agile adoption. We care about lasting change, because it is worth it. Trundl is an Agile at Scale Partner, ready to begin the journey with you.

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Why Agile Consulting?

Agile adoption is possible with forward-thinking leadership, high performing teams, effective coaching, and proven KPIs. Managing change takes special skills and technologies and Trundl is here to help. Our agile consulting team will guide you through the entire agile transformation process to deliver improved business outcomes, increase team engagement, and accelerate agility – at scale. Read on for a preview of what it could like to work with Trundl on your agile transformation project.

Pilot Agile

We’ll work with your team to pilot the most appropriate agile frameworks for your team to demonstrate what success looks like while gaining stakeholder buy-in.

Step-by-Step Implementation

Our experts will work directly with you to create a step-wise implementation of Scrum, Kanban, and SAFe® methodologies

Digital Innovation

As we’re helping your team transition, you’ll see your team deliver value at project intervals, mitigate risk, unify teams, improve business operations, and deliver improved business outcomes.

Agile Training

Your team will receive Agile Training for complete implementation, transformation, and lasting change.


Agile Consulting Services

Embrace agility to achieve organizational efficiency. The right tools and techniques make it possible to thrive in turbulent business landscapes and deliver exceptional customer value. From elevated project management to a surge in innovation, agile transformation keeps you ahead of the curve.

Agile Transformation &
Change Management

We’ll guide you through every step, provide tailored strategies, and support to ensure seamless transitions, promote collaboration, and drive lasting organizational change.

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Scaled Agile

Applying the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®), our experts will implement this structured project management approach for scaling multiple agile teams across the enterprise.

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Agile Tooling &

Let us optimize your tool and tech stack for peak collaboration, optimized workflows, and maximum productivity. We will empower your team to embrace agile tools with confidence and ease.

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Metrics & Visibility

Leveraging advanced analytics and real-time data visualization, means we can provide comprehensive agile project insights so your team can make more informed decisions and drive continuous improvement that impacts business outcomes.

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Agile Frameworks

With our specialized expertise across the full spectrum of agile frameworks, we’ll help your team select, refine, and implement agile processes to improve adaptability, collaboration, and accelerate overall delivery of high-quality results.

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Agile Product Management

We’ll empower your team to prioritize, plan, and deliver market-leading products with efficiency. All while navigating and refining complex internal processes that lead to impactful product launches.

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STay ready. Stay nimble.

Agile Transformation & Change Management

Embrace Change or Face Extinction

In the face of today’s rapidly shifting market and economic conditions, enterprises need to make decisions more frequently than ever before. Long-term planning becomes a challenge because companies find themselves needing to pivot or persevere to stay competitive.

Companies rely on Agile transformation frameworks and change management strategies to efficiently navigate evolving market conditions, foster continuous innovation, and promote a culture of collaboration.

Align leadership across all levels and remove obstacles to success

organize and optimize

Scaled Agile Implementation

Trusted Autonomy

Unlike traditional approaches that depend on linear, sequential processes, the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®) connects strategy and execution to streamline teamwork, accelerate project timelines, and deliver early visibility with opportunities for quick adjustments. Continuous improvement is baked into the Scaled Agile framework to reduce waste, optimize resources, and incorporate customer feedback.

connect and collaborate

Agile Tooling & Technology

Sync with Success

Jira tooling and technology provides the necessary infrastructure and support for Agile practices to thrive and deliver value faster. These tools can expertly connect your Atlassian environment to enable continuous feedback, iterative development, and rapid delivery to customers when configured correctly.

Guided Progress

Agile Frameworks

Navigate Uncertainty and Seize Opportunities

Scrum and Kanban are Agile frameworks that provide the structure, principles, and practices that accelerate work via adaptive planning, iterative development, continuous improvement, and customer-centricity. The adoption of these frameworks allows teams to optimize and visualize their processes, minimize delays, and deliver value more quickly and effectively.

Track progress. Enhance transparency.

Metrics & Visibility

Informed Decisions and Improved Performance

Agile metrics and visibility are powerful tools to validate customer feedback and accelerate work with real-time insights that enable data-driven decision-making. Leveraging Agile metrics boosts organizational transparency into team performance, project progress and areas that need adjustment.

Maximize value and velocity

Agile Product Management

Ship Faster and Work Smarter

Agile Product Management accelerates work by providing a structured approach to product development that prioritizes customer value while adapting to ever-changing market conditions. Teams are empowered to deliver high-quality products and features that target customer needs and drive organizational success.

Unlock Opportunity

Deliver Value, Mitigate Risks, and Increase Team Engagement

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Cumulative Flow

Agile teams can actively manage the quantity of work in any given state, from arrivals to time in queue, quantity in queue, and work completion.

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Consistent Sprint/
Release Velocity

Trundl will familiarize your teams with using story points, tracking work against estimates, and using real time data for predicting project completion.

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Real-Time Resource

Our goal is to help you achieve effective low-resolution planning months in advance and high-resolution planning ahead of each sprint. Visibility into all resources and team loads leads to success.


Let’s Work Together

We take Agile coaching seriously. The tools are only half of it. When you work with Trundl, you get Agile-Certified Professionals (ACPs) and Certified Scrum Masters (CSMs) with a desire to affect long-lasting, transformative changes in collaboration, responsiveness, and velocity. Just fill out the form below to get started!

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Common Agile Tranformation Questions


  • Our team is using a mix of methodologies. Some teams are using Waterfall, others are halfway to Agile. Is Trundl able to help with this?

    Yes, absolutely! Our team has experience helping various teams at different stages of maturity – we can help in consolidating methods and get everyone working together.

  • What certifications does Trundl have?

    Trundl is an Agile at Scale Specialized Atlassian Partner, and we have SAFe® Certified Consultants, Scrum Masters, and more. Our engineering team is stacked with talent and breadth of experience in various areas.

  • How long does an Agile Transformation take?

    The answer here isn’t “one size fits all.” A lot of this is dependent upon many factors such as where your teams are at, what type of work you do, leadership buy-in, and more. It may take a couple of discovery calls with our team to provide an accurate answer and timeline.

  • How does your team work with our team to implement Agile?

    We will dedicate a certified Agile Practioner, Trainer and Solution Architect to your case. Going Agle means you have leaders, managers and team members gaining the foundational soft skills needed for a highly collaborative, high-performing culture. Depending on the size of your teams and their comfort with change, you should expect 5-15 hours per week of coaching and configuration work. Average engagements are between 3-9 months.

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