Atlassian Mergers & Acquisitions

Merge Atlassian Instances

Your company has just completed a merger or acquisition and you now have multiple Atlassian instances to sync and merge. Our team of experts can help your team realize their full potential through collaboration and combining Atlassian and Jira instances so that your organization can reap the benefits.

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Combining Atlassian Instances

What Does This Look Like for Your Team?

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An Established Maintenance Plan and Tooling Guidelines

Our team will work with your team to prioritize clean-up activities and scheduling, while creating a maintenance plan. We will then create a governance guide plan to set ground rules for how to make the most of your Atlassian tools.

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Users Become Advocates Through Hands-On Training

Engage the people that work in your Atlassian tools daily by providing them training with our team to help them understand the new guidelines and processes.

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Expert Advice

We’re the experts, so let us help you build a long-term strategy based on your business goals. We’ll give you all of the advice you may need to structure your tools to scale effectively.

Working With a Solution Partner

Why Use a Solution Partner to Merge Atlassian Instances?

Merging teams can be difficult as different teams have different operating procedures, workflows, and ways to get work done. The good news? It’s possible to have all of these teams working together to collaborate and have access to a shared knowledge base of information that has been established through our partnership with you.

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Find What’s Working & What Isn’t

Getting Buy-In & Prepping for Performance

At Trundl, we recommend starting your Atlassian/Jira merger with the IT team. IT is the hub of tool administration, governance, access, and licensing. Having the IT team ready and stakeholder buy-in allows us to help strategize and develop a plan to move forward. We’ll help with stakeholder buy in — finding out what is working for each team and what isn’t, and how performance will be maintained during the transition.

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Let’s Work Together

You need a partner that can navigate both the technical complexities and team impacts of bringing different organizations under one Atlassian instance. Just fill out the form and we’ll help you get started!


Common Atlassian/Jira Merger & Acquisition Questions


  • How many separate instances can Trundl merge at once?

    It’s done in a step-wise manner, but we have worked on projects merging 60+ instances as part of a single project. These have included various Atlassian tools, including Jira Software, Confluence, Jira Service Management, Bitbucket, hundreds of Add-ons, and 3rd party applications.

  • How does Atlassian licensing play into a Jira merger?

    Leave licensing decisions and steps to us. We extended time to trial products and to build them at no cost before you use them. In addition, we can give you advice as you consider changes to user tiering when you bring separate but similarly functional teams together. One thing is for sure, you have fewer options if you go it alone with licensing, so reach out to Trundl.

  • Can you upgrade or merge a Server instance to a Cloud or Data Center instance?

    Certainly! We have a whole team dedicated to hosting migrations. If it’s required, we will add it into the scope of the project and handle it as part of the larger effort.

  • How long to Atlassian instance mergers take?

    That’s a big question we can’t answer without knowing more. Some 1-to-1 Jira merges with simple configuration mapping takes just a few weeks. Some Enterprise level merges (with 50+ instances) have year-long project plans. There are a lot of factors. Ask Trundl to look closer.

  • Some of my teams are resistant to merging. They are happy with the way they work and do not want their Jira configuration disturbed. What is the approach here?

    Unless you are using Enterprise Cloud licenses, we (along with your leadership) will need to get buy-in and dig deeper into push-back, offering technical solutions or workarounds to keep them happy. We have done this before, and offer our expertise at all points. Sometimes, it takes executive mandates, so be prepared for that as well.

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