Mindville, Opsgenie & Statuspage Next up… Jira Service Desk Premium?

First off… congratulations to Tommy Nordahl, Mathias Edblom, and the Mindville team! 

They are an inspiration to both Marketplace Vendors and Solution Partners for what they’ve accomplished in a few short years. Riada (Mindville) was our first vendor partnership. At the time, as a new, unproven Atlassian Partner, and it was a tremendous boost to our confidence to speak to Tommy and see equal enthusiasm to partner with us. It’s great to see this acquisition. A true match of culture and product.

So, what does the acquisition of Mindville mean?

It likely means Atlassian’s Jira Service Desk offering is going to go through some big changes over the next 12-18 months. This is the last domino in a series of acquisitions by Atlassian that puts Jira Service Desk firmly in the Enterprise ITSM + DevOps space. 

That is if it’s brought together in a tiered offering, including more robust incident monitoring/alerting capabilities, comms, and CMDB/discovery. All tied into what ~40,000 customers already love about Jira Service Desk. (40,000 is completely made up, Atlassian won’t tell us!).

We saw Portfolio for Jira and Automation for Jira become part of the Cloud Premium offering. Jira Service Desk has had incident management.

Jira Service Desk ITSM/ESM represents a big chunk of our Atlassian projects. At the Enterprise level, when speaking to JSD compared to other ITSM tools, the CMDB component has been a tricky one. Yes, Jira Service Desk comes natively ITIL-certified and capable. 

There are native workflows for Change Management, however, for companies replacing ServiceNow or other Asset Management tools didn’t want to hear was…”Oh, it’s an add-on if you want that.”

Atlassian has a lot of options at this point, to bring it all together.

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