Pagerduty to Opsgenie

Incident management & monitoring is critical for every enterprise. The cost of downtime is measured in thousands per minute. But preventing incidences and outages doesn’t have to cost as much as actually experiencing them. Trundl fully manages transitions from PagerDuty to Opsgenie, and then high-fives your CFO.


Why OpsGenie Over PagerDuty?

Both Incident monitoring and management tools are like-for-like in features and capabilities. Both enable you to quickly connect critical services, set up monitoring, and corral stakeholders around an incident. The key difference is simple: Opsgenie costs significantly less.

Fully Managed Transition

Plan Your Switch to Opsgenie

You don’t have to go a single hour without Incident Management capabilities. You don’t have to worry about impact to stakeholders and training. Trundl manages your switch without risking a critical failure or costly downtime.


Let’s Work Together

Building an Atlassian deployment plan based on multiple stakeholder interests, inputs, and feedback is hard. This service organizes all of it for you, leaving you to focus on your priorities.

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