ServiceNow to Jira Service Management

For many ITSM/ESM use cases, shifting from ServiceNow to Jira for managing your service request intake makes sense. The big win is cost, but the transition will present some migration, customization, integration, and adoption challenges.

Read on to learn how Trundl can help you migrate from ServiceNow to Jira Service Management.


Goodbye Cost & Complexity

You pay a king’s ransom for ServiceNow, and a prince’s ransom to scale it at the pace of business. It’s not just software subscriptions and specialized resources, it’s lock in from implementation, extensive customization, and platform dependence. There is a way out. ITSM solutions with Jira Service Management are lighter-weight, fully-customizable, scale faster, and match most enterprise grade ITSM features found in ServiceNow. Explore the details.

Jira Service Management

Fully Managed Transition

How Trundl Plans Your Shift to JSM

ServiceNow is an 800-pound gorilla. It’s expensive to scale and maintain. Lean times call for lean and agile solutions to keep costs under control. If your project teams already use Jira, then you have to consider Jira Service Management. Here’s how we plan your transition.

Unleash Service Excellence and Enhance Organizational Productivity

An ITSM Solution that Streamlines Collaboration, Adds Workflow Visibility, and Delivers Value

Organizations can automate repetitive tasks like change approvals, manage SLAs with ease and identify the root cause of incidents. JSM supports complex project configurations and makes it easy to track and manage all assets. With a customizable portal, insightful analytics that enable data-driven decisions—continuous improvement is at your fingertips. Find out why IT teams rely on JSM as a comprehensive solution to optimize their service operations, and not just a service desk that handles tickets.


Let’s Work Together

Building an Atlassian deployment plan based on multiple stakeholder interests, inputs, and feedback is hard. This service organizes all of it for you, leaving you to focus on your priorities.

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Make the Switch ServiceNow to Jira Service Management Working Together

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