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Jira Cloud Migrations

Managing your Server-to-Cloud Migration is a large undertaking. While Atlassian has online resources and forums sometimes you need answers to direct questions about your project.

Talk directly with Trundl’s experts on September 21st!

September 21, 2023



Ask Anything:

We know data handling, accesses, add-ons, configuration mapping, and more.

We have conducted over 40 migrations of varying complexities since Atlassian announced the end of Server. We’ve experienced a lot of the known issues and tackled a few unknowns. Talk to us to confirm your approach or to consider another.

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Get advice on how to run a migration as a team project

We have seen many Atlassian customers attempt weekend cut-overs only to find out they did not have a full testing plan, or the resources available to ensure success. Ask us about our experiences as migration project leaders.

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Data Center vs. Cloud: Get answers to your questions!

Ask questions about what’s best for your company given where you are today, and where you will be in 3-5 years. Trundl has many customers at all levels of cloud migration maturity.

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