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Jira Service Management

Doing your own research on a specific JSM configuration question sucks. It’s time consuming and the community forums are hit and miss. You just want an answer, right? Talk to the directly with the experts on August 10th.

August 10, 2023




Co-CEo & co-founder of Trundl

Patrick Howell

I support talented Atlassian Solution Architects, Technical PMs, Atlassian Engineers and others at Trundl who are pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in team collaboration software.

Cto & co-founder of Trundl

Manohar Goli

Leading product development and building engineering teams to deliver tools to enable & improve collaboration / productivity of larger to mid size customer’s IT/Non-IT teams. 

Director – engineering At trundl

Sajit Nair

Working with engineers and consultants to solve customer problems to enable them to work faster and smarter by getting the best out of respective tools and methodology.

Director – Engineering ITSM & ESM Solutions at trundl

Kristen Riddle

Providing high-quality technology solutions that address business needs by developing applications and process implementations within mature technology environments.

sales team lead at exalate

Syed Majid Hassan

My career has been an ever-evolving amalgam of roles within the IT landscape, It started from teaching undergraduate IT courses and morphed into providing technical support.

atlassian experience architect at old street solutions

Fun Man Andy

I thrive best in disastrous, ever-changing VUCA environments. Where no project or team is truly ever the same, that’s where you’ll find me.

Sr. atlassian tools engineer at trundl

Sukriti Sarpaul

An innovative and highly motivated IT professional providing IT services to various firms. Able to respond to the changing demands of clients by creating high-quality solutions

Share Ideas and Solve Configuration Challenges

Your Jira Service Management configuration is unique to your organization’s needs. Use this webinar as an opportunity to solve a nagging configuration question, or to ask general advice.

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JSM Use Case Answers from the Experts (Not Just Us)

The best advice often comes from your peers. We’re Atlassian Experts, but there’s only so much we know (or have seen). Your questions will be open to all attendees to add their two cents.

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Explore Potential Use Cases for ITSM, Incident Management, and more

Jira Service Management is really useful for both technical and non-technical teams. In joining this session, you can ask both Trundl and the attendees about how they’ve expanded use of JSM in their organizations.

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