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  • Our team is using a mix of methodologies. Some teams are using Waterfall, others are halfway to Agile. Is Trundl able to help with this?

    Yes, absolutely! Our team has experience helping various teams at different stages of maturity – we can help in consolidating methods and get everyone working together.

  • What certifications does Trundl have?

    Trundl is an Agile at Scale Specialized Atlassian Partner, and we have SAFe® Certified Consultants, Scrum Masters, and more. Our engineering team is stacked with talent and breadth of experience in various areas.

  • How long does an Agile Transformation take?

    The answer here isn’t “one size fits all.” A lot of this is dependent upon many factors such as where your teams are at, what type of work you do, leadership buy-in, and more. It may take a couple of discovery calls with our team to provide an accurate answer and timeline.

  • How does your team work with our team to implement Agile?

    We will dedicate a certified Agile Practioner, Trainer and Solution Architect to your case. Going Agle means you have leaders, managers and team members gaining the foundational soft skills needed for a highly collaborative, high-performing culture. Depending on the size of your teams and their comfort with change, you should expect 5-15 hours per week of coaching and configuration work. Average engagements are between 3-9 months.

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