Cloud Migrations

Server to Cloud, Drama Free

Whether Server to Cloud, Data Center to Cloud, or Cloud to Data Center, your move is our mission. 2024 is right around the corner and we’re here to ensure your Atlassian instance is fully supported for the future with Atlassian Cloud or Data Center.

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Cloud Migration Made Easy

What Does This Look Like for Your Team?

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Gathering Required

Our team will work to gather all of the pertinent information from identity access to critical settings and data integrity. We’ve got you covered.

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Technical Project

Our team of experts will lead all configuration mapping from source and target instances, test migrations, UAT, SSO/accesses, and add-on conversions.

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Minimal Disruption to Stakeholders

Our team of experts will lead all configuration mapping from source and target instances, test migrations, UAT, SSO/accesses, and add-on conversions.

Working With a Solution Partner

Why Use a Solution Partner for Your Server to Cloud Migration?

Every migration is unique and very few are straightforward. Your Atlassian instance has a specific configuration of project settings, scripts, add-ons, workflows, issue comments, and a variety of traits. Your user-base expects and needs continuity of work when moving to the Cloud or Data Center. It’s important to prepare and account for each of these unique attributes in your migration project. Using a Solution Partner makes this transition easier.

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Choosing the Right Cloud Option

Cloud Standard, Cloud Premium, or Cloud Enterprise?

With so many cloud options available to you, how do you know which is the best fit for your company? Let us help! We geek out on how teams can collaborate, so we’ll gather your vision and goals for team collaboration and show you what we think is the best option for your digital transformation to the cloud.

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Common Cloud Migration Questions


  • How does scoping a Cloud Migration work?

    It starts with a short call and a standard checklist. Some basics will be covered first such as what your migration goals are, what core applications are involved, current versions, desired completion date, etc. We will also have you (or your Jira Administrator) provide specific information about the source instance. This includes things like the number of projects and issues, attachment size, add-ons, etc. From this information, we are able to provide a low and high estimate.

  • How does Trundl address critical Jira Add-ons that don’t have a Cloud version?

    This does not happen often these days, but we are prepared for it. Add-ons can present a lot of different variables. Sometimes we find replacement add-ons to move or convert data (i.e. Power Scripts for Scriptrunner), sometimes we have to manually recreate data, and other times we have to recommend an alternative add-on. In any case, we will give you all your options and provide a recommendation on a case-by-case basis.

  • My Jira and Confluence instances need an upgrade before migrating to Atlassian Cloud, can Trundl help?

    Yes. We will help get you to the latest migration-friendly version and will include it in our overall scope if necessary.

  • How much work is expected of us if we hire Trundl to lead our Cloud Migration?

    You are an important part of the migration. We expect there to be a known executive sponsor and project lead so communications or escalations keep the right people informed. The most important engagement is in verifying test migrations and actively participating in UAT. Trundl will be there at every step.

  • Does Trundl handle licensing decisions and support in the transition?

    Yes. We procure Atlassian licenses for over 150 customers and know ways to extend trial licenses as well as provide other benefits during the transition. Trundl can also provide quotes if you are still considering hosting choices.

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