The Strategic Guide to Streamlining IT Change Management

How to modernize processes for efficient and effective IT Service Management infrastructure. Save the day by managing risk and ensuring smooth transitions so there’s less stress for everyone.

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You’ll Learn:

The strategic management and optimization of IT change management processes is about more than operational efficiency—it’s about creating transformative outcomes that make ITSM a key player in your organization’s success.

Beyond efficiency

Change Requests

Change requests aren’t just for tracking software and infrastructure changes like code deployments and server upgrades—they can do so much more. Teams leverage change requests to systematically consider and communicate changes to schedules, policies, procedures, services, and records with each other. By capturing both the current (“before”) and proposed (“after”) states, change requests give us a clear picture of how things evolve over time.

Creating and Planning a Change Request

Collecting the right kind of change information is essential so the request can be understood and processed quickly and accurately. You’ll want to include details about why the change is needed, consequences of not doing it, steps required to make change happen, and the desired outcome.

Change requests in Jira Service Management and More

Leverage Appfire’s solutions to boost your change management in Jira Service Management. Expect smoother operations, better compliance, and stellar business outcomes.

Change requests in Jira Service Management and More
Managing Risk

Managing Risk

After assessing and spotting risks, Appfire develops and implements mitigation strategies to reduce the likelihood and impact of these potential issues. This can include process improvements, technology solutions, and contingency plans to keep a steady ship when the waters get choppy.

Change Management For the Jira Application

AppFire makes change management for Jira applications a cinch with a suite of tools and solutions that streamline, automate, and enhance the whole process.

Change Management For the Jira Application

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