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Going serverless? Let Trundl fully manage, scale, and monitor your application infrastructure in AWS. Our data center hosting combines the scalability and availability of Cloud, with the control and customization of Server-hosted instances.

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Infrastructure as a Service

What Does This Look Like for Your Team?

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Holistic EC2

Working with Trundl allows you to extend tool evaluations, giving you more time with the software to make the best decision.

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Storage Models

You’ll have access to knowledge to make the right decisions as well as expert advice on consolidating, co-terming, hosting, merging, upgrading, downgrading, and renewing.

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Load Balancer & Database Management

Licensing customers get 1 hour/month of strategic consultations and proactive notifications on product updates that impact your instance.

Working With a Solution Partner

Why Use a Solution Partner to Host Your Collaboration Apps?

Our Data Center Management Team simplifies your AWS platform management and maintenance. No matter what toolset your team is using, AWS CloudWatch, Splunk, Data Dog or OpsGenie, our team will take care of maintaining the infrastructure. With AWS & Azure, we’re able to give you the control and customzation that you need so that you’re able to scale while keeping your systems safe from cyber-attacks. Improve your teams scalability, and boost performance, all while reducing costs.

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High Performance With Compliance Control

Your AWS-Powered Future is Here

Amazon Web Services is the most widely adopted cloud platform. While it provides a highly reliable, scalable, agile, and low-cost infrastructure platform, we’ll ensure that you get the best performance, compliance, and control over all applications.

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Let’s Work Together

We administer and scale Atlassian software with proven best practices, at a pace, cost, and approach that fits the unique needs of your team. Just fill out the form below and let’s get started!


Common Data Center & AWS Questions


  • Can Trundl provide 24/7 support and incident management for my applications?

    Yes. Our AWS engineers can support both the infrastructure and application side with hands-on support. This level support means close alignment with your IT organization, resources, and most importantly, your policies, processes, procedures. We also fully understand the inter-operability of Atlassian application architectures, as an Atlassian Partner.

  • Data security and data compliance is the main reason we are in Data Center. Does Trundl work to ensure our needs are met as part of this service?

    Yes. We assume control of data, data residency, access controls, and other aspects of configuration management are top concerns of our customers. Share your requirements, share your concerns. We will tell you what’s possible and design our support around it.

  • Does Trundl help with monitoring tool setup?

    Yes. Share your current toolset, SLAs, and processes. We may suggest changes to meet best practices, but we are flexible.

  • Does Trundl provide no-downtime upgrades of my AWS environment?


  • Uptime is a big concern for me. What is Trundl’s track record?

    Trundl ensures uptime of (99.9%) & peak load performance. We are always looking to move the needle up, so that’s an initial baseline for any given IaaS customer case.

  • I have concerns about disaster recovery, can you explain it in more detail?

    We bring resiliency and durability in our Atlassian Data Center deployments. We have designed architectures that brought disaster recovery RPO to 0 (zero) and RTO to under 1 minute.

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