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Atlassian World,

We are proud to announce that Trundl is a recognized Platinum Partner in India (and a Double Platinum Partner, worldwide). This is one of our biggest milestones, and the result of a huge investment Trundl and its great employees are making in Atlassian customers in the Asia Pacific region. As a company, Trundl focused on building a pan-Pacific braintrust on everything Atlassian. In our first 8 years, much of that braintrust has gone into enterprises use cases in the Americas. Now, recognition of our great work within the Atlassian customer community has come back to India. 

What does this mean for India’s Atlassian customer base?

Fortune-500 Insight

Use Trundl’s brain-trust of experience with the Atlassian platform with companies over 5000 Jira users. We’re talking use case about Enterprise Service Management, Project Portfolio Management, Scaled Agile, and more. 

Jira that Scales

Centralize control over your Atlassian instance, replicate best practices to more teams, train stakeholders, and focus on impactful reporting. That’s our approach. 

Atlassian ROI

Per-user cost reviews, Jira instance mergers, 3rd party tool consolidations, extended evaluations… we do it all. Let Trundl drive your tech stack future. 

Local Presence, Global Reach

Trundl is in Hyderabad and Delhi, has offices in the US and Canada, and has expansion plans for more cities in India and Asia-Pacific. Need Atlassian support 24×7? We do that too. 

We’re excited to be a part of India’s rise in the decades to come. It’s our mission to bring modern ways of working and operational models here, where the future is unfolding. Want to connect? In 2024, let’s meet in Mumbai, Bangalore, Delhi, Hyderabad and other places we’re hosting events. Or link up with one of our customer success managers on and meet us today!

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