Sunsetting AppLoud

AppLoud is not longer available in the Atlassian Marketplace

Sometimes when you create something, you think it might just solve some of the world’s problems. Sometimes, you’re right. Other times, you realize that without a little change, there can be no progress. So, we’re making some changes to our first Atlassian Marketplace app, AppLoud.  

What is AppLoud?

AppLoud is an add-on to Jira that allows team members to provide issue and project level feedback that can be used for praise and performance feedback. 

In the coming weeks, AppLoud, will no longer be available as a stand-alone add-on in the Atlassian Marketplace. Instead, we are making plans to add AppLoud’s functionality to our future add-ons, making team feedback a component of a more comprehensive add-on.

Since AppLoud launched in 2020, Trundl has launched two additional Marketplace apps: Smart Assignments and Rotations for Jira, and Secure Forms. Both add-ons (and others in our product backlog) represent our continued investment in, and commitment to the Atlassian user community into the future.

We thank all customers who downloaded AppLoud over the last 3+ years, making it part of their team feedback tooling. Stay tuned for more from Trundl in the Atlassian Marketplace!