JiraCon23 : 1 Week to Go!

Next Wednesday at 8 AM PST is JiraCon23, our third annual virtual conference for the Atlassian customer community!

Every JiraCon is an epic journey, and the one you will see on Oct 4th shows it.

We picked a solid virtual conference platform (Hubilo) and spent 3 months finding collaborators, creators, and unique voices on topics relevant to Atlassian customers. Ideas poured in, culminating in 42 sessions and workshops, presented over a 7-hour period.

Speakers are from all over the world.

We have Australia, Ukraine, Latvia, the UK, Croatia, Germany, Portugal, Israel, and of course, the USA represented. We have 3 speakers from Atlassian and several ex-Atlassian employees. The developer community is leading half of the sessions, covering topics like test case management, administrative tools, dashboarding, agile, cloud backups, BI integrations, process mining, and more. The best part (and this is always the best part)… all JiraCon speakers bring decades of use case experience. It’s fun, and if you’re seeking a drink from the fountain of knowledge, this is a firehose.

Every JiraCon, we have a little fun with our opening video…

This year…I thought of an idea that’s been in my head since the day I started working with Jira. Jira has so many strengths. It’s highly configurable and scalable. It plays nice with 3rd party applications, and the user community has tested and thrived with all kinds of use cases with all sorts of technical and non-technical teams. BUT the marketer in me has a problem with it. Why the heck is a task called an “issue?”

Ok, yes… Jira’s DNA is in software development, and “issues” have precedence as either bugs, tasks, or requests.

To me, the word “issue” means a problem that needs to be overcome. It connotes something negative or flawed. And if you “have issues,” it’s even worse!

And that’s the inspiration for the video. We hope you like it!

Patrick Howell

Watch our opening video!