Meet the Exciting New Trundl Brand

The Journey

Seven years ago, we laid the foundation of today’s Trundl by becoming an Atlassian Partner. We had earned the Silver Partner badge, had a few contacts within our network, and a whole lot of grit. We needed it, too. Our first year saw long stretches of financial stress, learning on the fly, and one or two victories to keep our hopes alive. 

The original Trundl brand was created by a Fivrr freelancer with minimal guidance. Let’s make it orange, and make an icon inspired by Mercury’s helmet… because we deliver! We were happy with it, and it carried us through our formative years while we worked to increase awareness in the Atlassian user community. 

Since then, we have grown tremendously. At the time of publishing, we have 77 employees, operating out of 8 US states, 2 Canadian provinces, and 7 Indian states and we have 200+ customers. With some of our customers, we’ve built long-lasting relationships as we helped them tackle their biggest challenges. We’ve hosted two JiraCon events in 2021 and 2022 (both massive successes) and can’t wait to host the third one this year. We established new departments, including HR and Sales), and additional services, like Data Center Hosting, myAtlassian Blueprint, Agile, and DevOps Enablement. We launched our corporate social responsibility initiatives with charity: water and UNICEF, and we also forged great partnerships with AWS, Appfire, Xray, and more.

Our new chapter has begun. We are pleased to announce the launch of the new Trundl brand and website. 

Trundl Brandmark

The New Trundl Brand Mark

The refreshed Trundl logo is not just about a more modern look. It’s about representing what you, our customers, can expect when you work with Trundl. Our ‘Mercury helmet’ icon is no longer enough to represent who we are and what we do. Instead, we have transitioned to a logo that represents a combination of a few aspects of our work. Resembling a Gantt chart, with a focus on project management and execution, our brandmark highlights the part of our identity that represents our mission to help teams realize their potential. It’s about organized work with a forward motion. While we levelled up the color palette, we kept an homage to our original Trundl orange in the smallest circle in the logo.

Our combined logo and logotype have remained in the existing Brandish font, with some slight refinements to the d (amongst other flourishes).

Trundl logo before and after

Merging core values with our mission were central to refreshing the logo, logotype color palette, and accompanying graphic elements.

Trundl’s Core Values:

  • Live and work with integrity and accountability
  • Focus and fulfill customer commitments
  • Value and recognize teamwork
  • Continue to evolve

Trundl’s Mission: 

 Assist and inspire all teams to use collaboration technology to innovate, create, and scale.  

Knowing who you are and what you do is only half the battle. The challenge came with applying it visually. Inspired by other dynamic software and tech companies, we created graphic elements that convey both our technical expertise and our distinctive touch.

The graphic elements of Trundl’s new brand comprise geometric shapes to emphasize our precision in delivering our work.

Highlighting What’s Important

The other part of our visual identity? Chalk mark annotations. These represent the human touch each member of our Trundl team brings to customers. These annotations also reveal our approach as a company, looking for opportunity areas, constructive revisions, and continual improvement.  

As you read our future content, see us on social media, or browse our website, you will see expansions on these brand elements. We are incredibly excited about this new chapter!  

A special thanks goes to Megan Keith, the lead designer on this project, for all the hard work, research, and creative iterations that brought this new brand to life!  

The New is completely new. Our brand refresh gave us an opportunity to make the best website in the Atlassian Partner communityand we nailed it! It is clean, scrollable, smart, and fun. From our core Atlassian services to our Agile/DevOps verticals, to our blogs and guides, navigation on is more intuitive with an improved UI.

Redeveloping allowed us to reexamine what our service verticals mean to Atlassian customers. In our 7 years as an Atlassian Partner, we’ve established a leading voice on scaling tools, processes, and people. The result is a broader and deeper catalog of services available.  

To illustrate this, we’ve revised our most popular service pages: 

We are also proud to present some of our newest offerings: 

2023 is a new, bold year. Q1 is done and we are excited to see what we’re made of. Stay tuned for great content and stay connected with Trundl to help your teams reach the next level.