What Are ESM Tools?

What are ESM Tools?

ESM tools have got the attention of many modern businesses, and the demand is soaring. Find out why?

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) is integral to the centralized and efficient management of an entire organization today. Think of Enterprise Service Management tools or ESM tools as a single pane of glass, expanding the opportunity for businesses to have one unifying portal that displays all available services. So, how do you choose the right ESM tool? This blog has key pointers to help you make a wise choice.

What are ESM tools?

ESM tools bring clarity to internal services and ensure everyone is on the same page. An ESM tool or software is an application that helps align internal departments, track the status of user requests, and improve the overall quality of non-IT services within an organization. Be it placing a request for a new laptop, updating your new address or getting approval from the finance team, ESM solutions ensure that everything is readily available at your fingertips. Apart from having all services displayed, the knowledge management feature of ESM tools offers a single point of information that teams can access for common questions on employee policies, benefits, and payroll.

Features to look for in an ESM tool

When choosing a tool to support your Enterprise Service Management implementation, we suggest you look for the following features:

  • Support tickets: To efficiently manage your customers’ incidents and requests.
  • Easy implementation: Fast, hassle-free start-up.
  • Custom workflows and approval processes: unites enterprises through a single platform, helping teams from HR to legal to finance and beyond create standardized, repeatable, and scalable service delivery practices. This ensures that various stakeholders stay informed and can give feedback.
  • Scalable to individual requirements: Use service management in the Cloud or in your own Data Center- your organization calls the shots. If your ITSM tool comprises an intuitive solution with pre-built templates and a transparent pricing model, it can be customized easily.
  • Service management intelligence: Does your tool offer machine learning, change management optimization, and self-service tools and chatbots? If not, reconsider your choice.
  • Self-serviceability: Companies can equip their customers with self-service tools to keep a tab on the status of their order or request. These not only enhances transparency of the processes, but also increases operational efficiency.
  • Predictable operations: Intelligent automation simplifies complex processes and modernize workflows throughout the organization.
  • Self-Service Tools: Self-service portals help automate business processes that are infused cross-departmentally, such as new employee onboarding. ESM solutions should offer self-service capabilities such as a knowledge base. Being available 24/7 and on multiple devices, when users start to submit a ticket, recommended articles from the knowledge base should appear with relevant information
  • Increased stability: The consistency of operations and outcomes offered by ESM tools gives predictability instrumental for accurate forecasting and informed strategic decision-making.
  • Anytime, anywhere access: Automatic ticket creation from any channel. All your employees and customers should be able to access their share of the ESM portal right from their mobile devices.

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There has never been a better time to get started with ESM. Enterprises across the globe are switching to Enterprise Service Management tools to support the needs of customers and employees consistently, quickly and flexibly.  Investing in the right ESM tool will give your organization the much needed competitive edge by enabling you to stay ahead of customer expectations.

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